1. A full refund will be made if I, the reader, finds that my energy and the client's energy do not match. It is not unusual for me to connect to some people and realized that I am not the right reader for them. The refund will be made before any reading begins. 

2. If the client needs to cancel the reading, kindly inform me before the reading begins and a full refund will be issued. 

3. If I, the reader, under any circumstances need to cancel the reading before it begins, a full refund will be issued. 

4. There will be absolutely no refunds once the reading begins and upon completion of a reading. 

5. No show no refund.


1. 如果我发现我和顾客的能量非常的不同频也不适合在占卜开始之前我会退款。

2. 如果顾客在占卜之前取消预约,我将照样的进行退款。

3. 如果在任何的情况下我,解读师,必须在占卜开始之前取消预约,我会进行退款。

4. 一旦占卜解读(录制或线上预约)开始了绝对没有退款。完成了的解读也绝对没有退款。

5. 沒有赴約沒有退款。